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How Innovation Has Helped to Create an Irish Advantage

Ireland and the Irish have long been synonymous with construction and innovation

While our emigrants were helping to build America, industry leaders at home were laying the foundations for the resilient and innovative construction and manufacturing scene that exists today. This is The Irish Advantage.

Small Island, Big Projects

Our flourishing construction and MedTech industries have a track record of delivering large-scale, complex projects in a timely and cost-effective manner that measures up to the most rigorous of standards. These two sectors have thrived thanks to a strong emphasis, not only on experience and innovation, but also on collaboration.

The Early Adopter Gets the World

Our skilled and robust construction industry allows for projects to be undertaken responsively - from the data storage facilities utilised by the likes of Apple, Facebook and Microsoft - to the optimised engineering design, supply chain, installation techniques and high-tech construction of facilities for the many pharma giants dotted around the country.

Irish construction companies are focused on the future, with a front-row view of the innovative digital technologies that have increased knowledge, speed and efficiency in recent years. Our advancement of Building Information Modeling’s (BIM) capabilities has been noted worldwide and the intelligent 3D process has empowered Irish architecture, engineering and construction professionals who use it to speed up building programmes. Irish companies have been at the forefront of leveraging lean methods across the supply chain to improve the quality, productivity and health & safety of our industry.

Beautiful Partnerships

Ireland’s MedTech industry is infused with the same values that have driven the construction sector: knowledge, innovation and an international mindset. Did you know, for example, that Ireland is the second largest exporter of medical technology in Europe, with medical device exports alone exceeding €12bn per year?

Collaboration is in the DNA of Irish companies. The Medtech sector has showcased the value of partnerships: when Medtronic, one of the world’s largest medical equipment development companies, was having issues with a particular drug’s delivery it teamed up with Irish-based company, Aerogen, to create a seamless solution that allowed critically ill patients to spend less time on ventilators, recover faster and return home sooner . In fact, the collaboration has directly helped around five million patients in intensive care units in 75 countries around the world.

With a highly educated workforce, an innate respect for original and critical thinking, and an ingrained passion for innovation and collaboration, Irish companies are helping their customers worldwide achieve a competitive advantage in all sectors.

For more information on Irish industry and the innovative work happening here, visit Enterprise Ireland ‘s international site