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Incredible Irish Innovations

Creativity is an essential part of Irish culture. When we see a problem, we’re not afraid to tackle it head-on and find the best solution. Here are four amazing Irish innovations making waves here and all over the world.


A classic example of an idea that is simple, useful and innovative all at once, Sugru is quite simply a mouldable glue. Kilkenny-born Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh dreamt up the concept in 2003 as a student in London, the perfected product went to market in 2009 and today, it can be bought in over 5,000 locations worldwide.

My UV Patch

Knowing when to apply your sunscreen is about to get a whole lot more precise, thanks to My UV Patch . Irish custom design manufacturing company PCH partnered with cosmetics giant L’Oréal in 2016 to develop the innovative product. The stretchable electronic skin sensor is super-thin and determines how much UV (ultra violet rays) the wearer has been exposed to.

Creativity is an essential part of the Irish culture.

Intel Curie

The size of a button, this tiny chip designed in Ireland by a team headed by Noel Murphy is set to shake up the wearable electronics market. From tracking athletes’ performances to clothes that change throughout the day, the uses for Intel Curie are endless.


Giving creatives unprecedented control in the digital world, Scriba is a smart pen designed for comfort and accuracy. Unlike its rivals, this ergonomic tool – designed by the Dublin Design Studio’s David Craig – can be squeezed to change line weight, opacity and blur.