The Joy of Connection

with St Patrick's Festival

The theme of St Patrick’s Festival 2022 is Connections/Naisc and our ambitious aim is not only to connect families, friends and communities across Ireland but to bring our events to our global tribe of 80 million through the magic of SPF TV. This virtual TV Station hosted at will offer front row seats to a wealth of programmes that explore Ireland and the Irish from March 16 to 20. 

We have more than 50 events on-demand, free and globally accessible for everyone to enjoy, from anywhere on SPF TV. We will release new programmes every day. Enjoy  sessions and hooleys, virtual tours, conversations with many well-known faces, and a stunning array of poetry, performance, art, literature, architecture, community projects, storytelling, films and more.

Join us from wherever you are as we invite our diaspora across the world to reconnect and take a front row seat at the Festival to enjoy this uniquely Irish experience.

What's on

More than 50 pre-recorded programmes will be available to view on SPF TV.
Chef and food writer Tadgh Byrne standing in a hallway wearing his kitchen uniform.

Tadgh Byrne’s Modern Irish Food Tour

Chef and food writer Tadgh Byrne has created an alternative list of foods and dishes to try when visiting Ireland.

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IDI initiative championing diversity for People of Colour in the Irish design and creative industries.

Ireland In Colour

This creative showcase for SPF, made in collaboration with DesignOpp, is an IDI initiative championing diversity for People of Colour in the Irish design and creative industries.

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Colourful street art that reads .Art is what you can get away with'.

Street Art Tour

Discover the street art around Dublin and learn about the city’s unique and underground culture

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Artists’ collective Na Cailleacha

Dawn To Dusk

Dawn to Dusk by Therry Rudin observes and documents the artists’ collective Na Cailleacha, formed during 2020 to explore being female, older and hopefully wiser.

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An older (70+) Irish woman.

Mad, Bad & Dangerous

A celebration of "difficult" women. A documentary series of interviews profiling leading Irish women over 70 who were moving mountains long before hashtags

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A young male character in the play Book of Names.

Book of Names

Two of Ireland’s leading theatre companies collaborate to present a co-production that plots a singular path through secretive, contentious, turbulent times in Irish History.

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A woman in silhouette looking out her window.

Walls & Windows

All Julia and John want is to live their lives with their two sons, on their own terms. But despite their hopes, the outside world and its racism puts paid to their plans.

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The National Gallery of Ireland's main exhibition hall.

National Gallery At Home

Be inspired by some of the fabulous works of art in the National Gallery of Ireland and create your own masterpieces at home!

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Musical artist Anna Mullarkey.

Roisin Dubh

Strange Brew presents three of the West Of Ireland’s finest acts recorded live at the Róisín Dubh

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Two men holding horses on a beach.


In “Saoirse”, a documentary on working-class Dublin horse culture, Marion Bergin takes a snapshot of some of the men involved as they struggle to keep it alive in the face of gentrification.

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