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Ireland at Expo

Be Inspired by Ireland at Expo 2020 Dubai

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Ireland is getting ready for Expo 2020 Dubai which takes place from October 2020 to April 2021. 

The theme of Expo 2020 is Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.  192 countries will take part and an estimated 25 million people will visit – meaning Expo is an invaluable platform to connect Ireland, Irish business and Irish culture with the world.

Ireland’s Expo programme is titled Ireland – Be Inspired.

Ireland is the island of inspiration and has been a source of creativity and innovation for 5,000 years.

Our landscape, culture and history inspires us as a people and all those who come to visit our island.

We have a deeply rooted culture in a fantastic landscape of ever shifting moods.  Our people too are deeply rooted yet are open-minded, friendly and sociable. We welcome people, ideas and talent.  We cherish our past. We embrace our future.

Ireland at Expo 2020 will showcase the best of Irish ingenuity, imagination and innovation and promote Ireland as a great place to live, work, study, visit and do business.

For further information on Ireland’s plans for Expo and information on how you or your organisation can get involved, please contact us.