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Frequently Asked Questions

What are World Expos?

World Expos are a global gathering of nations dedicated to finding solutions to pressing challenges of our time by offering a journey inside a universal theme through engaging and immersive activities. The first World Expo, called the Great Exhibition, took place in London in 1851. 

The concept of a World Expo was so popular that is was rolled out demonstrating an unparalleled power of attraction unrivalled among international events due to their size, scale, duration and visitor numbers. These mega-events allow countries to build incredible pavilions, structures and infrastructure which transforms the host city for many years. The legacy of World Expos often include iconic structures – London’s Crystal Palace, France’s Eiffel Tower and Belguim’s Atomium and many more originated at World Expos.

Since 1928, World Expos have explicitly been organised around a central theme that attempts to improve humankind’s knowledge, takes into account human and social aspirations and highlights scientific, technological, economic and social progress. The theme of Expo 2020 is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ with three sub-theme of sustainability, mobility, and opportunity.

When will Expo 2020 take place?

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE), which is responsible for the oversight and regulation of World Expos, recommended that its members vote in favour of a one-year postponement of Expo Dubai. Voting on the motion was scheduled to take place from 24 April to 29 May 2020, with a two-thirds majority required for the motion to be approved.

On 4 May 2020, the BIE advised that the required two-thirds majority had been achieved, and the postponed Expo Dubai will now take place from 1 October 2021 until 31 March 2022.

Who will attend Expo 2020?

Expo 2020 expects 25million visitors over six months, including approximately 5million children.  These visitors will be of all nationalities, backgrounds, and ages. This truly is a show to a global audience – and everyone is welcome.

Why is Ireland participating in Expo 2020?

Expo 2020 offers us an unparalleled opportunity to raise Ireland’s cultural profile in the UAE and in the wider region, and increase our global profile as an exceptional place to visit, study, invest, and do business.

Will Ireland have its own pavilion?

Ireland will its own national pavilion, designed and constructed by the Office of Public Works. Ireland’s pavilion is inspired by the megalithic Newgrange lightbox and is a fusion of Western and Eastern architecture.

What will I see if I visit the Irish pavilion?

Visitors to the Ireland pavilion will visit a 360-degree seated virtual immersive experience.  Audio-visual projections will provide a sensory impression of Ireland as an island of inspiration, while telling the story of the country's rich 5,000-year history.

Upon completion of the virtual tour, visitors will continue to our multi-purpose performance space, where they will enjoy a variety of performances, talks, workshops and activities spread across four thematic quadrants.

The full programme will be announced closer to the opening of Expo 2020.

How can I get tickets to visit Expo 2020?

Tickets for Expo2020 are already on sale here:

Can I work in the Ireland pavilion?

There will be staffing opportunities in the Ireland pavilion in the coming months. To keep up to date with announcements, follow us on @IrelandAtExpo on


Can I provide goods or services to the Ireland pavilion?

Opportunities to provide goods and services to the Ireland pavilion will be subject to competitive process in line with Government of Ireland best practice.

Providers of goods or services who wish to benefit from the opportunities of Expo 2020 should register on the official Expo2020 Online Market Place.

Can I be part of the Expo 2020 programme?

From October to December 2019 Ireland at Expo ran an Open Call for programme content, providing a unique opportunity to a variety of sectors to showcase their work on a global platform.

Should there be any further opportunities to participate, they will be announced on our social media platforms (@IrelandAtExpo).

How can I find out more?

To stay up to date with Ireland’s participation in Expo2020, find us under @IrelandAtExpo on 


For more information about Expo 2020, visit the Expo 2020 website

If you have additional queries, please use the Contact Us form.