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Ireland’s Expo 2020 Pavilion

Ireland’s single story pavilion is comprised of two interlinked structures, the Oculus and the Garden. The Oculus is the main structural space and consists of a circular room of 176m2 covered by a cone-shaped funnel with a view of the sky, inspired by the megalithic Newgrange lightbox and its alignment toward the rising sun around the winter solstice. Our permanent exhibition will take place here in the Oculus, where visitors will experience an immersive experience, designed to be an emotive and impactful introduction to Ireland.

The Garden is a multipurpose meeting, event and performance space, and will house most of the programme activities. This space is designed as a square within a square with an open roof and roofed internal perimeter – bringing to life both the European cloister and the Arab garden.

Ireland’s pavilion is designed and facilitated by the Office of Public Works (OPW).