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Irish Crafts and Design

A selection of Irish crafts pieces including a green dress, a red cushion and a green-themed mural.The Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) is our partner for multiple aspects of our participation at Expo including our exhibition, ‘We Are The Makers’. DCCI has provided design and production support for staff and musician clothing and footwear, pavilion textiles and materials.

In Ireland we pride ourselves on adapting traditional and ancient arts and crafts in modern, contemporary design. Examples of the finest Irish design and crafts are demonstrated throughout the pavilion: the couches in Hamilton room, the handmade rugs and cushions in the Courtyard (Tweed Project) and even the handmade bracelets by Bran Marion, worn by our pavilion officers. These bracelets in the colours of the Irish and UAE flags, signify the bonds of friendship between our two countries, with the blue link in the centre representing of our shared position on the United Nations Security Council in 2022.

The clothing and shoes worn by our pavilion officers have also been produced by leading Irish designers and makers, using natural fabrics and colours including Irish linen.

The Oculus The Hamilton Room The Courtyard Makers' Gallery Táin Prints Exhibition Space