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Exhibition Space

A display of miniature buildings as part of the 'European Architecture as Caregiver' exhibition.Our Courtyard houses a temporary exhibition space, which features exhibitions that reflect Ireland’s theme: ‘Island of Innovation: putting creativity at the centre of human experience’ and capture the best of Irish and European creativity and innovation. From 1 November until end of December, the exhibition on display is ‘European Architecture as Caregiver’, presented in partnership with the EU Commission.

The exhibition features the works of two Mies van der Rohe EU architecture award winners. This exhibition complements the permanent Makers Gallery in the Irish pavilion and brings the arts and sciences together to highlight creative approaches to a global problem—in this case, accelerating urbanisation in the context of buildings and infrastructure that account for 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

This exhibition focuses on the two most recent winners, ‘DeFlat Kleiburg’ in Amsterdam and ‘Transformation of 530 dwellings’ at Grand Parc, Bordeaux. Both projects pay special attention to the importance of transforming what already exists and how we can live better together in diversity and with respect for difference.

Since 1988, the EU prize for Contemporary Architecture, Mies van der Rohe Award, has analysed more than 4,000 works of architecture, landscape and urban design that have improved the way we live. The Prize objectives aim at promoting and understanding the significance of quality and reflecting the complexity of Architecture's own significance in terms of technological, constructional, social, economic, cultural and aesthetic achievements.

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