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We Are The Makers

Orb Ring by Nigel O'Reilly. Photo by Richard Foster.

Our permanent exhibition, We Are The Makers, illustrates the universal human desire to ‘create by making’ - the idea that making is a fundamental expression of identity.

The exhibition brings together a diverse group of Ireland’s contemporary, highly skilled creators and innovators who carry on our ancient traditions of making. They are artists who work with materials provided by nature, blending craft and tradition to bring beauty into our lives. They are also scientists and innovators driven by a sense of endless possibility.

The exhibition connects aesthetic and functional making, showing how excellence in widely varying disciplines, from various art forms to science and technology, draws from the same qualities of human imagination and creative engagement.

Much of the exhibition derives from the Design and Craft Council Ireland’s Portfolio, a 2021 selection of the finest Irish designers and makers. In addition, there is a selection of objects representing the work of some of our leading scientists and innovators.

A specially made film piece focuses on the individual ‘makers’ and the inspiration that underpins their creativity, often based on place and community.

The exhibition is curated by Lynn Scarff, Director of the National Museum, with substantial input from the Design & Crafts Council Ireland.