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Ireland – Island of Inspiration

Ireland is the island of inspiration and has been a source of creativity and innovation for 5,000 years.

Inspiration gives rise to ideas, concepts, creativity, and innovations that change our world.

In Ireland we have a capacity for abstract thinking, creativity, innovation and scientific, social and cultural discovery. From the past to the present, Ireland’s great thinkers have produced ideas and innovations that have changed the world and how people think.

Our theme is ‘Ireland - Island of Inspiration’. Our invitation is ‘Come to Ireland and Be Inspired’. We present Ireland as an unrivalled place of inspiration, with a long and deeply rooted heritage of ingenuity, imagination and innovation.

Our participation at Expo2020 will be threefold: our pavilion; our permanent exhibition; and our six-months long programme. Each of these elements will tell part of the story of 5000 years of Irish creativity and innovation, from Newgrange to the creative and innovative Ireland of today.

To keep up-to-date with announcements find us under @IrelandAtExpo on


Come to Ireland. It will change you.

And you just might change the world.