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Riverdance at Expo

4-28 November saw the incredible Riverdance at Expo, a flagship initiative for Ireland at Expo and a unique co-production between Ireland and the UAE. The residency included 23 performances at Jubilee Park, Expo’s largest performance venue, supplemented by 35 masterclasses and 16 pop-up performance, with 60,000 people attending a Riverdance event.

The cultural phenomenon of Riverdance is inspired by Irish traditions and heritage and brought the best of Irish music and dance to the world at Expo. This specially curated, Middle-Eastern influenced reinterpretation of their 25th Anniversary Show featured middle-eastern musicians and instruments, including the oud and ney. Riverdance at Expo included a cast of 80 of musicians and dancers from all around the world and was highlighted as having drawn crowds to Expo.

As one of our best known cultural exports, Riverdance, and the many talents it embraces, signalled clearly the richness of Ireland’s cultural offering.

Watch back the full Riverdance at Expo finale performance.

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