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Dúisigh Éire! Awaken Ireland!

St Patrick’s Festival 2021 presents Dúisigh Éire! Awaken Ireland! This year’s national festival calls on our tribe of 80 million worldwide to throw off the long, dark months and rise to embrace the brighter days ahead.

The festival has created 100+ events over the last few months, all of which will be broadcast across the world on a dedicated online TV channel, St Patrick’s Festival TV (SPF TV) from March 12th-17th at

Don’t worry about getting up in the middle of the night though, most events will be available to replay on the festival website until March 21st.

There’s something for everyone in this packed series of programmes, which run from early morning to late night each day for six days and nights. Experience sessions and hooleys with hundreds of traditional artists and performers nationwide, and cutting-edge rock and hip hop shows. Enjoy virtual tours of some of Ireland’s most beautiful places, a history of Irish food series, conversations with many well-known faces, poetry, performance, art, literature, architecture, community projects, storytelling, films, plenty for young people and more.

We are always looking to show the world the authentic Irish experience and that’s what St Patrick’s Festival 2021 is about – our Ireland, the real Ireland right now. We invite our diaspora across the world to take a front row seat at the festival’s 100+ events and enjoy this uniquely Irish experience.