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Ready for a Green Future

To mark St. Patrick’s Day and the positive impact that Irish businesses deliver across the world, Enterprise Ireland – the Irish Government’s trade and innovation agency and the world’s number one VC – is launching a new green, innovation-focused international campaign ‘Ready for a Green Future’. 

Enterprise Ireland’s 40 international offices will also host over 50 virtual events across the world to engage international partners and support the growth of Irish enterprise internationally.

The international green innovation campaign, ‘Ready for a Green Future’, focuses on the climate agenda, and as the world emerges from COVID-19 there is a need to build back better, prioritising sustainability and tackling the many environmental challenges we face in delivering a green recovery.

The campaign showcases many world-leading Irish green innovators who are solving complex technical challenges and delivering sustainable and low carbon solutions to make renewable energy viable; reduce energy waste in our cities with smart technology; reduce agricultural waste and make construction cleaner.

Spanning the globe, Enterprise Ireland’s St. Patrick’s Day virtual event series covers a range of topics from the economic impact of Irish businesses in the US with a CEO Roundtable event in New York, to Irish regtech capabilities in Australia, the future of farm machinery in the Nordics, an Ireland and UK business event, Irish innovative sustainability solutions in Germany and France, and the future of energy in the USA.

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