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The Value of Discovery

Ireland has built a growing reputation for scientific excellence and a highly effective research, development, and innovation system to be proud of. To achieve this success, we have mobilised all the actors of the innovation system: universities, researchers, research funders, enterprises and enterprise support agencies.

This is evidenced by our ascent in global ranking of scientific citations - in the 2020 European Innovation Scoreboard, Ireland is at 9th place in the EU, placed in the “strong innovators” group. Ireland’s global rankings for individual subject areas further demonstrate that we continue to play an important role in global R&I. Ireland is now 1st in the world in immunology, 2nd in agricultural sciences, 5th in material sciences and 5th in neurosciences, 9th in Molecular Biology and Genetics and 9th in Microbiology. Over €1 billion has been won to date from Horizon 2020, the EU’s highly competitive research programme with excellence at its core, demonstrating the calibre and the quality of Irish participants.

We are at a turning point for Ireland. The establishment of a new Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science focused on talent and knowledge is an indication of the Government’s commitment to supporting and strengthening the national research and innovation ecosystem so as to position Ireland as a leading knowledge-driven economy and to ensure we address the key challenges facing us as a country, such as the climate challenge, digital transformation and public health. 

The new Department is developing a new national Innovation strategy which will set out a renewed vision for research and innovation in Ireland over the period 2021-27 and will work closely with all public research funding departments and agencies as well as the research performers in the Higher Education Institutions to ensure a co-ordinated, collaborative approach to continue building our research impact in Ireland and on the world stage.

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