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Education in Ireland: Come Learn with Us

From the monastic schools that served as beacons of enlightenment during Europe’s Dark Ages to the founding of Trinity College in the 1500s, Ireland has a rich history in education which has played a pivotal role in the nation’s culture and mindset.

A Quality Education

Irish education among the best in the world, topping the global ranks for quality of education systems. Irish universities are in the top 1% of research institutions in the world in terms of research impact in 19 fields , from natural and social sciences to the humanities. This translates into a dynamic and unique experience where students have consistent access to world-class research opportunities.

Multinational and Multicultural

The country has become remarkably multicultural in recent years, thanks to the many leading global companies that have their European bases in Ireland, including Google, Facebook, PayPal, Microsoft, Apple, Pfizer, and many more. Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland have developed a programme for shared research that sees academic researchers collaborating with local, small and startup companies in partnership with some of the largest multinational companies in the world. There are more than 35,000 international students currently studying in Ireland, benefiting from the connections to these multinational companies.

Book Some Time off

With our global outlook and distinctive cultural heritage that is the envy of many, Ireland is an ideal location for the young and talented. From the famed nightlife to the flourishing arts scene, not to mention the world’s friendliest people, you'll live life to the full in Ireland.


Why Study in Ireland?

From the world-class facilities to the unique culture, there are endless reasons to study here. Find out more about Education in Ireland.