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What Does Higher Education in Ireland Look Like?

The Higher Education system in Ireland is comprised of seven universities, fourteen Institutes of Technology, and seven Colleges of Education. 

In addition, a number of other third level institutions provide specialist education in fields like art and design, medicine, business studies, rural development, theology, music and law.

Becoming a Global Leader in Higher Education

In Ireland, it is widely recognised that education has a central role in making the country recognised for innovation, competitive enterprise and continuing academic excellence, and an attractive place to live and work with a high quality of life, cultural vibrancy and inclusive social structures.

The vision in the National Strategy for Higher Education to 2030 is to become a global innovation leader driving a strong sustainable economy and a better society, underpinned by:

  • A demonstration of excellence in research in areas which are strategically important through their relevance to, and impact on, the economy and society
  • A strong innovative and internationally competitive enterprise base, growing employment, sales and exports
  • A renowned pool of talent both in Ireland’s public research system and in industry that maximises the exchange of talent and knowledge
  • A coherent joined-up innovation ecosystem, responsive to emerging opportunities, delivering enhanced impact through the creation and application of knowledge
  • An internationally competitive research system that acts as a magnet and catalyst for talent and industry

Flexibility and Future-Proofing

Education in Ireland is changing. Flexibility, partnership with industry and a greater choice of provision and modes of learning will be available to our increasingly diverse cohort of students.

The next two decades will see a transformation of our education system which will ensure that higher education connects more effectively with wider societal, economic and enterprise needs. This will be achieved through our staff; the quality of our graduates; the relevance of our research and our ability to translate these into high-value jobs and real benefits for our citizens.

To find out more, visit the Higher Education Authority website.