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Bloomsday in Sydney

Bloomsday in Sydney 2021 poster

This Bloomsday, the Consulate General of Ireland Sydney partners with the University of Sydney to host a Joycean Jam with artistic collective the Prankqueans. With a healthy dollop of audience participation, the Jam will celebrate Joyce’s Ulysses through a cabaret of readings, spoken word and song.

The Prankqueans is an artistic collective celebrating all that is Irish, Australian and fabulously female. In the intimate surrounds of the University’s Sound Lounge, they will introduce invited guests to some of the wilder parts of the novel.

On 20 June, the Prankqueans will stage a public performance of their Joycean Jam at Sydney’s Gaelic Club. Book your tickets on Eventbrite. 

On 23 June, the Aisling Society will host guest speakers Julian Neylan and Greg Stewart who will speak on the celebration Bloomsday in Sydney, with some observations on the history of the publication of Ulysses and their experiences in putting on events in Sydney to mark the day.

For more information, visit Sydney Bloomsday